Tool Criticism

Dr. Vincent Koenig and Dr. Carine Lallemand (University of Luxembourg)

The ever-growing trend for digital tools confronts PhD candidates with new challenges when it comes to designing or evaluating technologies and underlying services. The “tool criticism” training offered a critical and reflexive approach to digital tools, to the interaction with those tools and to the experiences they provide. Methods from the field of Human-Computer-Interaction (HCI) allow for tools and experiences responding to user needs, rather than having users adapt and fall for the technology supremacy fallacy. This one-day course was part of a series of courses on user experience design and evaluation methods (“An introduction to user experience design and evaluation methods”). During this session, the focus was on the evaluation of tools against intended usability and experiences, based on empirical data, to support the (re)design process or choice of existing tools. While the students joining this one-day course learned about the evaluation, the user research and ideation aspects were dealt with in other sessions, only covered in the larger series of courses.