Popular DTU Workstations at the Forum Z „Who is afraid of the digital?”

Strong DTU-input was guaranteed with two workstations at the well attended hands-on fair of C²DH‘s first Forum Z “Who is afraid of the Digital” of the year. Invited by the Digital History Unit of the C²DH Luxembourg’s educators, researchers and curators met on 31st of January 2019 in the House of Start Ups in Luxembourg City. They entered an exchange on new digital methods in the fields.

Queues were lining up in front of Christopher Morse and Marleen De Kramer‘s workstation. The DTU-PhD students were leading the visitors through their virtual reconstruction of the castle Larochette situated in Luxembourg’s north. They explained their project idea to the crowd to develop a learning game with this technology. Sytze Van Herck, moreover, demonstrated her research on media archeology and invited the visitors to play the learning game “Maps and Globes” from the 1980s. She then provided her expertise in an expert round, moderated by me, following the science fair. Together with other experts from the political, education and cultural heritage sector and the audience, Sytze discussed the merits of new digital projects and the challenges of the digital turn in these fields.


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