Jakub Bronec speaks about Jewish Identity in Luxembourg

Jakub Bronec discussing his research with the audience

On the occasion of the Holocaust Remembrance Day Yom HaShoah in Luxembourg, DTU-PhD researcher Jakub Bronec was asked to speak. In his talk he asked:

“Où vont les Juifs du Luxembourg?” and presented his intergenerational approach within his internationally designed project that is framed by a collaboration between the C²DH and the University of Prague.

His PhD project is concerned with the Cultural and educational activities of the Jewish minority in Czechoslovakia and Francophone regions of Luxembourg, and Alsace-Lorraine in (1945 -1989).

The Consistory of Luxembourg held the commemorative evening on 2nd of May 2019 with the holocaust survivors and witnesses. Jakub was aksed to speak on behalf of the Jewish younger postwar generations where he addressed the issues such as who is a Jew from perspective of the youth, who would help young people to form a Jewish identity etc. The discussion with the audience following the speeches focussed on the importance of keeping collective memory alive. The evening was concluded by screening the Holocaust-themed film Nana.



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