The Digital History and Hermeneutics Doctoral Training Unit or DTU DHH Lecture Series provides a broad overview of case studies concerned with digital history and hermeneutics from all the disciplinary fields covered by the DTU: History, philosophy, linguistics, computer science, geography, design studies, etcetera. The overall aim is to discover recent trends and challenges with the help of specific case studies that allow locating the individual research projects of the DTU within a state-of-the-art international discourse.

The lectures offer case studies from all major historical epochs (Ancient History, Medieval History, Early Modern and Contemporary History) that are also reflected in the DTU’s research programme. International experts present new methods, tools and research results from their areas of research and invite the audience to discuss questions and scientific trends. The lectures are open to the entire university and serve as a platform for an international and interdisciplinary exchange.

Micro-toponyms – Perspectives on an underestimated source

Speaker: Dr. Christian Zschieschang, Leibniz Institute for the History and Culture of Eastern Europe (GWZO), Department “Man and Environment” 17 Oct 2019⎹  18.00⎹  DH Lab, MSH 1st floor   Micro-toponyms, names of unsettled places, are a rather unexplored field of investigation and due to their regional and local framing, they are often only considered in … Continued

Agent-based modelling and network science for the study of the human past

The first week of July saw talks about reconciling two seemingly opposite approaches to scientific inquiry: historical studies and complex systems science. On the 4th of July Iza Romanowska from Barcelona Supercomputing Center and Tom Brughmans from University of Barcelona gave a joint introductory lecture “Agent-based modelling and network science for the study of the … Continued

Reconstructions and Simulations in Historical Research

On the 3rdof July, Leif Scheuermann from the Karl-Franzens-Universität Graz came to the University of Luxembourg as the third guest speaker of the DTU Lecture Series: The digital in interdisciplinary perspectives. He spoke about the Simulation of Roman Transport and Traffic between the Adriatic and the Danube. His talk was closely connected to the lecture by … Continued

The unfolding of psychology as a discipline

  On the 6th of June, it was full house in the C2DH lounge area where the second lecture in the DTU Lecture Series took place. This time, we had the pleasure of inviting prof. dr. Christopher D. Green from York University (Toronto, Canada) who spoke about his Explorations in the Digital History of Psychology. … Continued

Agent-based modelling and network science for the study of the human past

Speakers: Iza Romanowska, Barcelona Supercomputing Center & Tom Brughmans, University of Oxford 4 July 2019⎹  16.00⎹  C²DH Lounge, MSH 4th floor   Why did human ability to colonise diverse environment evolve? How did the transport system structure economic flows throughout the Roman Empire? These are the kinds of questions archaeologists tend to answer using methods derived … Continued

Explorations in the Digital History of Psychology

      Speaker: Christopher D. Green, York University, Toronto, Canada 6 June 2019⎹  14.00⎹  C²DH Lounge, MSH 4th floor For the past decade, members of my lab have been bringing the new methods of Digital Humanities to bear on the study of psychology’s past. This talk will survey that work and bring out some … Continued

Sociological Aspects of Oral History in the Digital Age

      Speaker: Jakub Mlynář, Malach Center for Visual History, Charles University 28 May 2019⎹  10.00⎹  C²DH Lounge, MSH 4th floor   Oral history can be defined as collecting the “memories and personal commentaries of historical significance through recorded interviews” (Ritchie 2015: 1). It is a sufficiently theorized and interdisciplinary field. Throughout its history … Continued