Word Embeddings in Humanities

“You shall know a word by the company it keeps” I have grown up eating almonsay. Almonsay fishing is a popular activity worldwide, but almonsay population levels are of concern in both the Atlantic and the Pacific Oceans. Different varieties of almonsay taste different, and there are so many ways to cook it. I doubt … Continued

How to build a Jewish museum in Luxembourg

My colleague Anastasia Badder and I participated in a conference dedicated to addressing urban Jewish heritage and the multi-layered issues inherent in urban Jewish heritage projects.  The contributions to the conference ranged from tourism and sustainability to conservation and representation. The aim of the event was to bring together academics, policy makers, community leaders, and … Continued

Digitising the analogue

Some time ago it suddenly hit us that it has been a while since we read an academic book or article in a physical format. This for the simple reason that we can retrace digital information much quicker — i.e. annotating a PDF, extracting highlighted text automatically with ZotFile or quickly looking up a specific … Continued

The Historical Art of Projection

In the Hands-On History seminar on the 24th of May by Dr. Ludwig M. Vogl-Bienek and Karin Bienek from the University of Trier we were introduced to the history of the magic lantern. After a brief overview during the lecture, we got to experience a live performance of the magic lantern in our Digital History … Continued

Automata and other interlocutors

The notion of the automaton extends at least as far back as antiquity, but successful implementation of simulated intelligence, and even life itself, continues to elude us. Although there is a tremendous disparity between how we imagine robots to behave and how they actually perform, since the eighteenth century they have become unwitting participants in … Continued

The scientific user experience design method

When academics or developers create a website or an application, they usually start from the back end and only then focus on the design or front end. In this blogpost I would like to argue that the design process and user analysis specifically should come first. The methods outlined below were discussed during the workshop … Continued

Digital Media and Technology in the classroom and beyond

Digital Media and Technology has transformed how we teach, learn and present. In a transferable skills training of the doctoral school here at university, Robert Reuter introduced us to new media and tools that can enhance teaching and learning. Based on the eight learning events defined by Leclercq and Poumay at the university of Liège, … Continued

Sephardi Voices – Jews from North Africa, the Middle East and Iran

The exhibit features interview highlights, various Sephardi artefacts, and gallery text providing historical context and an overview of the project. The exhibit will run from June 8th until September 7th, 2017. Jewish communities thrived in many North African and Middle East countries and Iran for centuries, affecting and being affected by various societies. Following mass … Continued