DTU skills training on ‘Data Visualisation’

2 & 5 February, 2018 (DHH-ST-05)
Dr. Marten During (C2DH), Dr. Robin De Coon & Francisco Gutiérrez Hernández (KU Leuven)

This skills training provides an introduction to data visualisation as an important skill in digital humanities and historical research, analysis and presentation. The first training day focuses specifically on network visualisation and the use of Palladio as a DH tool in social network analysis. Instructor Dr. Marten Düring will also talk about the Histograph, a graph-based exploration and crowd-based indexation for multimedia collections, as a ‘showcase’. This training day investigates how texts can be used for constructing networks, how to visualise social networks and relations, and which computational techniques can be used for that in historical analysis. The second day of the skills training provides an introduction in data visualisation from a computer science and human-computer interaction (HCI) perspective. Instructors Dr. Robin De Croon and Francisco Gutiérrez Hernández give a hands-on introduction to Tableau as a DH tool for data visualisation and analysis. They also explore how data visualisation links to various perception and design principles and provide insights into visualisation and interaction techniques.

Training program and course materials (Moodle)
Assignments written by participants (Confluence)