Hitting the keys all day long

The DTU held up its first Writing Café to focus on writing an entire day in an informal but structured setting.

Working eight hours straight and writing efficiently from nine to five? Who can accomplish that during the writing phase of the PhD every day?

Well, it can work if you have the right setting. This is what Sytze Van Herck proved to the DTU Team during our first Writing Café. The conceptis simple: you need a writing task, a clear structured day with breaks and some refreshments that our dedicated organiser Sytze had kindly provided, and of course a motivated group to drag you through your motivational slumps.

The suggestion was to rewrite existing drafts and old reports sitting on everybody’s hard drives for the project’s website and to turn them into proper blog posts. However, everyone could also bring a personal writing project.

After a coffee-refill and a little writing-warm-up in the morning, eight students were starting to hit the keyboards and to produce new texts for the internet community.

The feedback was uniform. This was not only a very productive day, it was also fun and not at all lonely! Thank you, Sytze, for making this happen! To be repreated soon!

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