The Zooniverse and the Historian

Thoughts on a promising relationship   Originally developed by the Adler Planetarium in Chicago in 2007 to map the stars with the help of internet users on a global scale, the crowdsourcing platform Zooniverse now hosts more than 110 peer-reviewed projects and has 1.7 million users worldwide. Zooniverse calls its concept “people-powered research”; its aim … Continued

Finding a Common Language

Digital Hermeneutics at DH Benelux 2019 DTU-DHH offered three contributions at last week’s Digital Humanities Benelux conference in Liège (11-13 September), setting out to discuss interpretations of oral history video testimonies, digital humanities curricula, and overcoming OCR problems in distant reading techniques. On the first day, doctoral researcher Jakub Bronec conducted the workshop “Making sense … Continued

A blow for half-time: DTU-Summer Colloquium with interim results and new roadmaps

After the summer break, the Digital History and Hermeneutics DTU assembled for its Summer Colloquium on 28 August. The programme promised a strategic first part and a topic oriented second part. Juliane Tatarinov (Post-Doc coordinator DTU-DHH), introduced the team to the newly developed communication strategy after establishing the DTU project website as the major dissemination … Continued

Hitting the keys all day long

The DTU held up its first Writing Café to focus on writing an entire day in an informal but structured setting. Working eight hours straight and writing efficiently from nine to five? Who can accomplish that during the writing phase of the PhD every day? Well, it can work if you have the right setting. … Continued

Jakub Bronec speaks about Jewish Identity in Luxembourg

On the occasion of the Holocaust Remembrance Day Yom HaShoah in Luxembourg, DTU-PhD researcher Jakub Bronec was asked to speak. In his talk he asked: “Où vont les Juifs du Luxembourg?” and presented his intergenerational approach within his internationally designed project that is framed by a collaboration between the C²DH and the University of Prague. … Continued

Christopher Morse brings ‘Emotional Design’ to Harvard

Just back from his doublestrike in the United States: Christopher Morse in action presenting his PhD project Experiencing Art: Emotional Design for (Digital) Cultural Heritage at the ArtTechPsyche Symposium at Harvard University on 29th of March 2019 and a week later on 6th of April 2019 the Art-in-Rich-Prospect  at Museums and the Web Conference in … Continued