Setup and manage a complex dataset using Strapi

In this tutorial we are going to install Strapi on your computer. We will then setup a database complete with forms for easy content management and creation. The dataset we are going to build for this example is a collection of paintings, artists and museums but anything will do. Disclaimer: this tutorial is written for … Continued

“Reviewing the constcamer”: Let’s THINK about Art History

For the upcoming session of Let’s THINK About History, Floor Koeleman will present her research on Visualising Visions, and the constcamer paintings in particular. In seventeenth-century Antwerp the peculiar genre of ​constcamer​ paintings emerged, also known as ‘Pictures of Collections’. Such paintings depict interiors packed with objects of art, science and nature. This genre has been … Continued

Rediscovering Pompeii digitally

Pompeian wall paintings as a source of inspiration for neo-classical domestic interior decorations; a digital approach to art history. The archaeological site of Pompeii provides us with a vivid picture of society and daily life in the year AD 79, when Mount Vesuvius erupted. The ancient town was rediscovered in 1748, and excavations started shortly … Continued