Experimental Media Ethnography

Prof. Dr. Andreas Fickers (University of Luxembourg), Prof. Dr. Kristen Haring (Standford University), Dr. Jessica Mesman (Maastricht University) and Dr. Stefan Krebs (University of Luxembourg) This skills training introduced students to … Continued

Algorithmic Critique

Prof. Dr. Pascal Bouvry, Prof. Dr. Frank Hofmann, Dr. Martin Rosalie (University of Luxembourg) The objective of this skills trainings was to make students familiar with ‘Algorithmic Critique’ as an … Continued

Tool Criticism

Dr. Vincent Koenig and Dr. Carine Lallemand (University of Luxembourg) The ever-growing trend for digital tools confronts PhD candidates with new challenges when it comes to designing or evaluating technologies … Continued

Data Visualisation

Dr. Marten During (University of Luxembourg), Dr. Robin De Croon and Francisco Gutiérrez Hernández (KU Leuven) This skills training served as an introduction to data visualisation, an important skill in … Continued

Introduction to Programming (Python)

Dr. Folgert Karsdorp (Meertens Institute, Amsterdam) This workshop provided an introduction to computational text analysis with Python for scholars in the Humanities. Computational text analysis has gained popularity across different … Continued


On the 27th of November 2017 we presented our team and their projects at the (De)constructing Digital History DH Nord conference conference in Lille, France.