Visualizing Gender Balance in Conferences

DTU PhD researcher Sytze Van Herck published an article entitled “Visualizing Gender Balance in Conferences“. The paper appeared in the fifth number of the journal Umanistica Digitale, containing a selection of papers given at the AIUCD2017 Conference (12-18 January 2017, Sapienza University, Rome). Abstract “Data visualization is a powerful tool for digital scholarship yet not … Continued

Annotating Sources: Digital Asset Management for Historians

Mass digitisation and born digital sources have changed the work of historians, archivists and museologists. Many historians spend less time in the archives, instead photographing or scanning sources on short research visits. In other cases archivists and museologists create online repositories to make sources more accessible. But what happens to all the photographs researchers make? … Continued

Framing Immersion: VR Programming for the Web

Virtual reality (VR) is a paradox. Donning a headset can transport the senses to other worlds, while the body remains firmly planted on the ground (well, most of the time). VR affords us the ability to fly, teleport, and transform the virtual world around us, but has also achieved notoriety for its less desirable tendency … Continued