Towards reproducible science in the digital humanities

How to publish your data and code alongside your research with the help of Zenodo? Following the principles of reproducible science has recently become an increasingly important part of publishing research. The trend gained momentum as a result of the replication crisis in 2010s, that started after it was found that most of the published … Continued

Ex Modelo Summer School: simulation modelling as a thinkering method

In June 2019 I had an opportunity to participate in an interdisciplinary modelling summer-school “eX Modelo” organized by the team developing the model exploration software OpenMole. The event brought together people from diverse backgrounds interested in applying computational modelling to their research. As an advanced workshop it focused on ways to explore simulation models. The … Continued

Agent-based modelling and network science for the study of the human past

The first week of July saw talks about reconciling two seemingly opposite approaches to scientific inquiry: historical studies and complex systems science. On the 4th of July Iza Romanowska from Barcelona Supercomputing Center and Tom Brughmans from University of Barcelona gave a joint introductory lecture “Agent-based modelling and network science for the study of the … Continued

Agent-based modelling and network science for the study of the human past

Speakers: Iza Romanowska, Barcelona Supercomputing Center & Tom Brughmans, University of Oxford 4 July 2019⎹  16.00⎹  C²DH Lounge, MSH 4th floor   Why did human ability to colonise diverse environment evolve? How did the transport system structure economic flows throughout the Roman Empire? These are the kinds of questions archaeologists tend to answer using methods derived … Continued

Workshop: Mapping Urban History

On February 26th, a workshop “Mapping Urban History in the Digital Age” organised by C²DH took place at the University of Luxembourg. The two main themes of the workshop were data modelling, including frameworks of map presentations, and virtual reconstructions with a focus on transmedia storytelling. The first theme started with a presentation from Taras … Continued