IWalk: Mapping Jewish Life with your Mobile – New ways of teaching Jewish history in Luxembourg

Programme : University of Luxembourg, Bachelor en Cultures Européennes , Histoire Coordinator: Jakub Bronec Developed by USC Shoah Foundation – The Institute for Visual History and Education, the IWalk is an interactive educational program that connects concrete physical locations with memories of historical events that took place at those locations. It is currently concentrating on … Continued

The MAXQDA and ethic commitments

The aim of this blogpost is to  review data analysis software. None of the qualitative software (nVivo, Atlas.ti, Maxqda, dedoose.) actually “analyse” the data for you in the way that quantitative software does. They are more applicable in systematically organising, coding, annotating, visualising, etc. rather than data analysis. In essence, the analysis is still the … Continued

Finding a Common Language

Digital Hermeneutics at DH Benelux 2019 DTU-DHH offered three contributions at last week’s Digital Humanities Benelux conference in Liège (11-13 September), setting out to discuss interpretations of oral history video testimonies, digital humanities curricula, and overcoming OCR problems in distant reading techniques. On the first day, doctoral researcher Jakub Bronec conducted the workshop “Making sense … Continued

Sociological Aspects of Oral History in the Digital Age

      Speaker: Jakub Mlynář, Malach Center for Visual History, Charles University 28 May 2019⎹  10.00⎹  C²DH Lounge, MSH 4th floor   Oral history can be defined as collecting the “memories and personal commentaries of historical significance through recorded interviews” (Ritchie 2015: 1). It is a sufficiently theorized and interdisciplinary field. Throughout its history … Continued

Jewish scouting during and after World War II in Czechoslovakia and France

DTU PhD researcher Jakub Bronec recently published the article entitled “Jewish scouting during and after World War II in Czechoslovakia and France”. The article appeared in the volume Marginalia Historica: časopis pro dějiny vzdělanosti a kultury, which was published at Charles University, Prague, appearing in issue 3, vol. 2 (2018). Abstract “Jewish scouting is a phenomenon that has … Continued

How to build a Jewish museum in Luxembourg

My colleague Anastasia Badder and I participated in a conference dedicated to addressing urban Jewish heritage and the multi-layered issues inherent in urban Jewish heritage projects.  The contributions to the conference ranged from tourism and sustainability to conservation and representation. The aim of the event was to bring together academics, policy makers, community leaders, and … Continued