Digital Exploration of General Paralysis in the Nineteenth Century

How can we analyse approximately 70 years of content within the British Journal of psychiatry (BJP) amounting to a total of 51.479 pages? This pressing question extends to the French, Dutch, Belgian and German equivalent of this journal. I gathered a corpus of between 250.000 and 300.000 pages. Furthermore, the content inside these journals is … Continued

Creating Concordance Tables in Python

From 16 to 17 November 2017 we had a DTU skills training on Introduction to Programming with Python, organised by dr. Folgert Karsdorp. After the workshop we built a small program to create concordance tables based on a file containing a lists of terms that was related to Eva’s research about the exchange of psychiatric … Continued

The unfolding of psychology as a discipline

  On the 6th of June, it was full house in the C2DH lounge area where the second lecture in the DTU Lecture Series took place. This time, we had the pleasure of inviting prof. dr. Christopher D. Green from York University (Toronto, Canada) who spoke about his Explorations in the Digital History of Psychology. … Continued

Explorations in the Digital History of Psychology

      Speaker: Christopher D. Green, York University, Toronto, Canada 6 June 2019⎹  14.00⎹  C²DH Lounge, MSH 4th floor For the past decade, members of my lab have been bringing the new methods of Digital Humanities to bear on the study of psychology’s past. This talk will survey that work and bring out some … Continued

The Digital Wild West of Sources

The way historians organise and carry out their research has changed over the past two decades. We no longer (only) spend time in archives, but consult archival material more and more via online databases and repositories from our office or the comfort of our living room. The repositories are managed by libraries, universities, research institutions … Continued

Digitising the analogue

Some time ago it suddenly hit us that it has been a while since we read an academic book or article in a physical format. This for the simple reason that we can retrace digital information much quicker — i.e. annotating a PDF, extracting highlighted text automatically with ZotFile or quickly looking up a specific … Continued

The Historical Art of Projection

In the Hands-On History seminar on the 24th of May by Dr. Ludwig M. Vogl-Bienek and Karin Bienek from the University of Trier we were introduced to the history of the magic lantern. After a brief overview during the lecture, we got to experience a live performance of the magic lantern in our Digital History … Continued

De Société de Médecine Mentale de Belgique in transnationaal perspectief (1869-1900)

DTU PhD researcher Eva Andersen published the article entitled “De Société de Médecine Mentale de Belgique in transnationaal perspectief (1869-1900)“. The article appeared in the Journal of Belgian History = Revue Belge d’Histoire Contemporaine = Belgisch Tijdschrift voor Nieuwste Geschiedenis. Abstract “The Société de Médecine Mentale de Belgique (SMMB) was created in the 19th century. … Continued